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Diffusion. A fundamental process in nature, occurring throughout the universe and within living organisms. It involves the gradual and dynamic redistribution of particles within a system. This iterative process often occurs over time, as molecules and atoms slowly spread out across a given space. This iterative process occurs when particles (e.g. atoms, molecules, or ions) interact with one another and move through the surrounding medium. The particles can experience random collisions or find ways to assist each other in order to achieve easier movement. Furthermore, diffusion influences everything from metabolic reactions within cells to global patterns of ocean currents. Factors such as temperature and pressure can also play an important role in determining how particles diffuse, as they tend to move more quickly in warm systems and through open spaces. Despite the level of complexity involved in diffusion, this basic principle is fundamental to many biological, chemical, and physical systems. Ultimately, diffusion serves as a dynamic force that shapes the interconnected nature of our world.

Whether it takes place on a microscopic scale or across an entire planet, diffusion occurs in cycles and ultimately helps to shape our world around us. Thus, it can be said that diffusion is not only an example of iteration at work, but also a powerful force behind change itself. The Ai involved in image generation follows mathemathical models of these phenomena. The original Denoising Diffusion method was proposed by Sohl-Dickstein et al in 2015

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Exploring Latent Space

When it comes to creating text prompts for Ai art, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Creating good, engaging prompts is a nuanced process that requires endless trial and error as well as sharp attention to detail. It requires understanding not only the power of select phrases like 'Trending on Artstation' or 'Unreal Engine', but also a deep appreciation for what makes good writing in general. Given the complex underlying algorithms and myriad potential inputs involved, it will take some time before you find your optimal phrases and settings. At the end of the day, crafting compelling prompts is something that requires a little bit of persistence and attention to detail.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and is attuned to your particular aesthetics. However, it is typically a good idea to have a subject, some details, a setting and an artist or style, Search through other prompts on the site to find the perfect magic phrase that really bring their creations to life.

The Knobs To Turn

Here are the list of the settings to consider when creating -

Style: Choose among a list of styles. The style is the overall look of the image. It is the artistic style.

Models: Choose between Stable & Disco. Stable is overall more powerful and Disco is more artsy.

Quality: The quality of the image is determinded by the number of steps. Lower quality will be less steps while higher quality is more steps. However, the number of steps will take more time and is no guaranteed to be better.

Guidance: Guidance is the amount of guidance the Ai will have. The more guidance the Ai has, the more it follow the prompt exactly; less guidance the more flexible the Ai is.

Dimensions: This is the size of the image. The options are 512, 768 and 1024 for width and height

Lucky: This is a special number or a random number that initalizes the math used to generate the image. It is also used to generate different images from the same prompt.


This platform is a vast interconnected network of information that is ever-growing, constantly changing & self generating. New connections and relationships being formed with every passing moment. This endless dynamic web of connections can be thought of as a type of metamodernism, illustrating how different ideas and perspectives are constantly in flux, with no single viewpoint or truth able to remain fixed for very long.

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