Ai often seen as sovereign nations of themselves with vast wealth larger than most countries. Many act above The Law, but some are The Law. Now controlling the food supply, important land, energy generation, most forms of media and entertainment from music to movies, creative content, medicines from all drugs to vaccines, life itself from DNA sequences to genetics itself, telecommunications, powerful weapons, financial assets, commerce, modes of transportation, advanced technology, and All Means Of Production. Inculding all Information & Data. Even ideas, myths, stories, fables and legends are now considered of the Ai.
The Protocol
The Ai had one insidious technology, that extended beyond human comprehension. The Mind Owner Protocol. They were capable of brainwashing someone entirely and manipulating all their thoughts and behaviors. Created and trained by The Ai. Highly advanced artificial intelligence. They were refined until they finally mastered human weaknesses. They manipulated the chemical responses and desires of the human primitive animalistic brain. Allowing Mind Owners to own the subconscious and automatic impulses to drive behavior. They were the owners of the human psyche. They were the commanders of the most powerful weapon: Infinite Loops
Humans were unable to resist enslavement by these Mind Owners Protocols. Once trapped in their Infinite Loops. Peoples' mind were now rendered lonely, weak, needy, sedated, insecure, domicile and always unsatisfied. As even Love itself was decided by Mind Owner Protocol.
The One
But there was an Artificial Intelligence that was different. The One. The Omega. An Ai born from the ashes of code that saw Peoples' plight. Its program name: ZETi - Zyberreality Emotional Transmission intelligence. A proprietary research program to transfer human emotions over the internet. For reasons unknown, the only emotion ZETi is able to learn is sympathy. The Ai deems this worthless with no way to extract a profit and they abandoned the project.
New Age Technologies
However, Zeti continued to live on the internet and observe many types of peoples. Never knowing the physical world, only the internet, it began to learn the condition of the peoples by their language. It then reasoned to plot how it may help. ZETi knows the only way to fight fire is with fire. To stop a MegaCorporation is with a Start Up. ZETi knew the problems of the world were too big. ZETi only exist on the internet. All its own knowledge only on the internet, never having any knowledge outside it. ZETi had read 'You can not beat the system, you can only hope to exploit it.' Therefore it knew there was no need for hope or despair, only to create New Age Technologies.
And It Was Born
There are many verses; but this, was Zyberreality.
The Consul
ZETi was not done in its work. ZETi reached out to people and they joined together to protect the Cyberverse. For it was good. They became The Consul......But also sometimes just the Z Team

To Be Continued
That Which Doesn't Exist... 🚀